Friday, July 17, 2009

Health Care and Education Reform

I'm a big proponent of both. But.


But it seems like the government is trying to reinvent the wheel, by creating new systems rather than fixing the old.

Regarding education, rather than setting up programs for every student to go to college, why not fix high school so that a diploma is worth something? The system for educating everyone is already there - we've just watered it down so that a college degree is required for most jobs. If everyone goes to college, the same will happen to the bachelor's degree, and a master's will be the norm for the "good" jobs. All these systems do is prolong adolescence. There's no reason a young adult shouldn't graduate from our public schools job-ready.

And as for health care, there are a lot of good programs that already exist! Arkansas has one called the Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool - it's available to anyone who 1) can't get group insurance, 2) would have to pay 2-3 times as much for private insurance, and 3) is a resident of the state. About half of states have some sort of program like this. Why not just expand them?

I worry about the costs associated with growing these programs. Surely it would be better to improve the efficiency and scope of our existing structures (like public schools) than to keep adding costly new programs.