Monday, January 26, 2009

Words of Widsom

A few years ago I gave my Grandpa O. a book called Doubt. It was massive - and apparently summed up by this passage from page 493, which he copied and sent to me.

Devote yourself to wisdom, self-knowledge, friends, family, and give some attention to community, money, politics and pleasure. Know that none of it brings happiness all that consistently. It's best to stay agile, to keep an open mind. Anyway, if you live long enough, you will likely find yourself believing something that you'd never believe today. Or disbelieving. In a funny way, the one thing you can really count on is doubt. Expect change. Accept death. Enjoy life. As Marcus Aurelius explained, the brains that got you through the troubles you have had so far will get you through any troubles yet to come.