Monday, February 4, 2008

Need a Vacation?

I've been going round and round with myself lately, wanting to escape to a mountain cabin retreat for a few days' or weeks' vacation. But then I ask myself why I want to go, and what I'd do there that I can't do at home. The purpose of such a trip would be to shake myself out of a rut, but maybe I can do that without leaving. I'm thinking about

  • Getting up insanely early to read, do yoga, write, and maybe watch sunrises.
  • Spending mornings in quiet reflection, writing, and meditation.
  • Taking naps (which would be necessary if I got up insanely early).
  • Doing housework in tiny bits so that it seems the house just stays clean (one of the best things about vacations is no housework!).
  • Spending more time outdoors.
Fortunately, I like my home, so if I can shake myself out of this rut without leaving, all the better.